Almond meal flour

Grinding almonds for baking is a great way to make healthier options. Ground almonds have a short shelve life so I don’t want to chance it buying it from the store. The oils in the almonds can go rancid especially if not refrigerated. I like to take 10 minutes every couple weeks and grind and sift my own. I put it into a glass jar and boom it’s waiting for me in the fridge. I wanted everyone who is going to try my baking to give this a try because most of my creations have this in the ingredients. Try your favorite recipes replacing 1/4 flour for ground almonds. You might not notice a difference. I also like to use a little coconut flour but you definitely notice a difference so I only use small amounts. It absorbs the liquid which makes your food more dense. The almond flour makes food light and moist. The difference between almond flour is blanched almond and almond meal is raw almonds. But I call mine flour because to me it’s flour.
IMG_20150923_085748 IMG_20150924_095010_hdr
Blender or food processor of some sort, I use a magic bullet with a mill blade which is the same as a coffee grinder.
Some kind of sifter, bowl , jar and a spoon to scoop.
All you need to know is only blend a little bit then sift and put the unsifted back with more almonds. Continue grinding and sifting until you have enough. If you over blend you will end up with butter.
In my raw cookie dough I grind sunflower seeds and sift because I try not to eat raw nuts.
Ground oatmeal is also a nice substitute for flour.
 Hope you have fun experimenting!

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