Stoke the fire of creativity

It’s the soul that makes the artist, that burning desire to create. We must listen to the soul and it’s natural creative impulses but so often as children were told it’s not very good and we are temporarily lost. It disrupts are free flow and creates negative complexes. Others who aren’t fulfilled in there creative life sometime kill the creative life of others. Sometimes we have blocked creativity because we don’t realize that creativity comes in cycles waning and waxing. In the past we were waning and have created negative complexes and we need to clear them and heal them. Cycles of creativity is a natural way for new growth.
Creativity is learning and food for our spirit, it’s not about success or failure. It’s the process itself not the product. I have made a lot of ugly or bad things and awesome things. It’s the learning of what to do and not to do. We have different levels of urges of creativity and sometimes we have to withstand the flood of ideas and information. We need discipline to take the opportunities when we our rising and have the discipline when we are falling. Sometimes your vision in your mind of what to create doesn’t turn out the way you thought but you should still be filled with a sense of happiness. Being productive can open up a door or window of a whole new way of looking at things. Follow the process and worry less of the end result.         

Have experiences, take a risk in what you believe in!

Follow the powerful wild natural flow to excrete creativity on a regular basis, otherwise it turns into toxic poison in you. Doesn’t matter what it is you do but you must do it! Ex. Christmas decorating, blogging, cooking, designing, taking pictures, mod Podge, snowboarding and playing with dog. Backed up creativity hurts and pollutes you and causes you to become rigid and tired. You will look lifeless and it depletes passion.Take the time to be quite, finding solitude with oneness and listen to your creative spirit.                                                    Stoke the fire of creativity!

Active imagination bridges a line of communication between consciousness and the unconscious. Turning unconscious contents through some form of self-expression. Something goes on between creator and creation that contributes to a transformation of consciousness.              

I got my inspiration for this post from a book called The Creative fire by Clarissa Pinklola Este.

I have included pictures of some recent projects. I am proud of all of them because I listened to my soul! 

My daughter Lillian really likes painting so we made salt dough ornament to paint and we had fun with the whole project. In case you want to make too, here is the recipe.

Salt dough
3 1/2 cups of flour
1 cup of salt
1 1/2 cups of warm water
Mix together and kneed a few times, chill if you want or start with half the dough. Roll out dough cut with cookie cutters or mould into whatever and bake at 275° for one hour.

Thank you for reading to the bottom ❤️ I hope you are fulfilled with your creative life!

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