Cooking for me is about being creative and following your cravings. I like to look at recipes and get ideas and adapt to fit my almost dairy free, sugar-free and grain free lifestyle. I would love to share my non-recipes that make life easier for everyone because there’s no need to measure. Obviously there’s an exception to that when baking. There are so many easy ways to make healthy food taste sweet or savory.
I  load my fridge with veggies and try to think of ways to use them at every meal and nothing goes to waste, soup, stir-fry’s and many other ways to use them up. I love to go to the farmers markets and learn about veggies that I never had before.
We all know everything in moderation but are we all in reality? the 80/20 rule is in my mind moderation. 80% healthy and 20% less healthy.

My kids are my toughest critic so I’m always trying to impress them with delicious healthy food. I love to include them in the kitchen but they aren’t always very helpful yet and lets face it their lazy and would rather play video games.

I started following blogs when I felt I wasn’t sure how to cook and bake dairy free, sugar-free, and grain free. I felt like a mad scientist at first learning and experimenting but I got the hang of it and life is so much easier and that’s important because with kids that are always hungry I don’t want to be in the kitchen all day.
I decided one day to start blogging so I could express my passions with everyone but I have never owned a computer so I realized I had a lot more to learn and I needed to buy a computer.

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  1. Jessica, I love what you are doing here, and I agree, people don’t need to get hung up on measuring. Have fun and taste as you go. I love your gelatin stuff, such an interesting material. The fruit gummies you gave me were amazing!

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