Fried peaches

It’s a beautiful time of year when the peaches are ripe! I eat them only this time of year which makes them a special treat. To ripen faster, place in a paper bag and put in a dark place. It’s nice when the skin just peals away with you fingers with no effort but usually you need a peeler. I have an allergy to the birch tree, it’s very common and so many people don’t have a clue about it. The main allergen in birch trees is highly cross-reactive to many plant foods but cooking destroys the allergen protein. The most common are apples, peaches, kiwi, hazelnuts and almonds. Well that clears that up, back to peaches. Peach apple crisp is the bomb! But we are making fried peaches today that goes well with pancakes, oatmeal, ice cream and much more.

I like to use a cast iron pan but use whatever pan you have. Peel and slice the peaches, put in a pan with coconut oil at medium temperature and stir occasionally. Add a spoonful of honey, a pinch of cardamom and cinnamon, and a squeeze of lemon. Cook for 5 mins, then add vanilla at the end. My general rule is 1 or 2 peaches per person and have fun making it your own.
IMG_20150822_091440 IMG_20150822_094005 IMG_20150824_205510 IMG_20150824_205600
I wish I had more time to share my ideas. The kids start school soon and it will be blog party time.

3 thoughts on “Fried peaches

  1. This sounds sooo yummy Jess. Your blogs are great -short, easy, and funny! I have a birch allergy too and miss out on so many yummy raw fruits and nuts. Even though I wish you didn’t too, it’s nice to know someone else understands. Can’t wait to read your next one!


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