Dear to my Hemp Heart

Hemp hearts are like one of the Healthiest food on the planet! A complete protein, it has omega 6-3, iron, thiamine, magnesium, zinc and lots of other healthy stuff. Basically, if you look at the nutrition facts on a bag of hemp hearts and fortified milk or bread they are similar so what would you rather eat? Real food or fortified foods? I really notice the difference in my hunger levels when I eat Hemp hearts. The same way an avocado does for me.
I sneak Hemp hearts into my family’s breakfast nearly every morning. I’ve always been a morning person and liked to plan my breakfast before bed. I love waking up before anyone else and having quiet time. I make apple oatmeal 5 days a week, I love it so much but not as much as peach oatmeal. I try not to cook the hemp hearts because the fat breaks down easy so its better to add hemp hearts after the oatmeal is ready. Raw is best!
Favorite foods that I add hemp hearts to:
Yogurt – Add to plain yogurt with fruit
Oatmeal – Add after oatmeal is cooked
Smoothie – My usual is half of a banana or avocado, strawberries, mango, hemp hearts, coconut milk, water and maybe kale.
Energy balls
Salads and salad dressing – Blend oil, acid, dijon mustard, herbs, salt and pepper
Popsicles – I ask the kids what fruit flavor they want (lately it’s been orange) and blend it with lemon, honey, coconut milk or water and hemp hearts and freeze.
Raw cookie dough – roll balls in it but seriously you must try these! No measure raw cookie dough
Soup – Add after soup is cooked. Super good with Butternut squash soup
Chocolate bark
Oven Beets – Oven Beets img_20161207_153836

cookie doughdough rolled in hearts

The list goes on and on. When you need a protein boast look no further because Hemp is what you need.
People ask me a lot how I eat hemp hearts and I thought this post might inspire your love for hemp hearts too.
Three tablespoons a day keeps the doctor away.

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