Easy and Cheap Zucchini and Beans

Hey I hope everyone had a nice summer! Mine was very busy with work, kids, gardening, camping and pokemon go adventures. I also moved half my perennial garden and started strawberries and grapes. I figured I would rather have plants that feed me. We do two small trips every summer to different provincial parks. We love the adventure of discovering new places. We rode our bikes around and hit the beach. This year we discovered Ivanhoe and Chutes provincial parks in Ontario.
 This summer I cooked and baked mainly my go-to recipes, such as my cool chocolate chip cookies or Go to Guacamole and tried to eat all my garden vegetables. I did develop this zucchini and beans dish. I was at my lake house with only my youngest for two days and I came down with a cold. I felt terrible so I made this healthy dish with lots of garlic. I made it the following week for the rest of the family and it was liked by all. Even better that it only cost $3. What? Yeah, my zucchini are free so just green onions, organic garlic, and canned pinto beans were purchased.
Serves four or five
3 Zucchini’s or 2 medium ones
3 Green onions
2 or 3 Garlic
Can of pinto beans
Salt and Pepper to taste
Cooked quinoa or rice optional
Cut up zucchini, green onions and garlic. Strain and rinse the beans. Heat pan and add coconut oil or other oil or butter. Fry zucchini until almost translucent then add Green onion, garlic, beans, salt and pepper. Fry for a few minutes until desired tenderness. Serve alone or on a bed of quinoa or rice.
I did go see some live music this summer. Kate Maki and Fred Squire are an awesome singing couple. I’ve been a big fan of Kate for a long time and highly recommend purchasing her albums on iTunes. Also Brock Zeman and JoPo. To end my summer I saw an awesome punk show, SNFU, at my favorite bar. I felt 21 again.

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